Richard Haden is an artist / writer / independent curator / activist. Born 1958, in Frankfort Kentucky, Haden attended the University of Kentucky and maintains a lifelong progressive autodidactic lifestyle.

Drawn to political ferment, Haden began as an artist / activist in the homesteading / anti-gentrification movement, in the Lower East Side, New York City in the 80's, which eventually sparked the Thompson Square Park riot. Haden was also was a member of the New York / Nicaragua Construction Brigade which built housing for the Sandinistas after the Sandinista Revolution. In the 90's Haden became an activist involved in the procurement of medical marijuana for AIDS relief.

Since then Haden has been involved in several causes through writing or direct intervention. More recently Haden curated an exhibition at MOCA in 2015 titled " Temporary Autonomous Zone " and has most recently curated his second large group exhibition at MOCA, titled: " Intersectionality in South Florida ".

Richard Haden lives in Miami, Florida, and part time in San Francisco.